Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

By accessing this website and opening web pages contained in this website, you agree to comply with the policies of Now Muay Thai (as further defined in this Terms and Conditions of Use) including but not limited to the applicable laws and terms and conditions of use whether generally and specifically set forth in any part of this website (collectively “Terms and Conditions of Use”). In this regard, you understand and agree that the specified Terms and Conditions of Use are subjected to be changed without prior notice.

Any change to the Terms and Conditions of Use shall be posted on this website. When you access this website after such change has been made, it shall be deemed that you accept and agree with such Terms and Conditions of Use. Hence, you are responsible for regularly checking the Terms and Conditions of Use.

If you do not agree or wish to reject to be bound by any Terms and Conditions of Use, please kindly exit and do not use this website.


“Now Muay Thai” means platform that is the owner of www.nowmuaythai.com, gym and trainer service site including backend management website.

“Personal Data” means any information relating to a natural person, which enables the identification of such natural person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased person in particular, pursuant to the personal data protection laws;

“Process” or “Processes” or “Processing” means any operation performed on Personal Data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, structure, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure (by transfer, dissemination or otherwise making available), alignment, combination, restriction, erasure or destruction;

1. Use of This Website and Intellectual Property

1.1 Any materials contained in this website,

including but not limited to, messages, contents, pictures, photos, information tables, class price or gym and trainer info (if any), trademarks, graphics, audios, design of application screen, design of user-interface, any form of information, any programs, software include in or made available on or through the website as well as any information that can be downloaded by you from this website (collectively referred to as “Content” or “Contents'') are owned by Now Muay Thai. All of the Contents are protected by intellectual property and/or other forms of proprietary rights under the laws of Thailand and/or other countries regardless of any form and whether or not registration has been made.

In this regard, you are required to obtain prior written consent from Now Muay Thai before using trade names, trademarks, service marks and other logos owned by Now Muay Thai including any intellectual property included in or made available on or through this website for any purposes.

1.2 Except for the intellectual property owned by Now Muay Thai,

all other trade names, product names, trademarks, service marks and other logos including any intellectual property include in or made available on or through this website are used in an editorial fashion or made available to use as part of this website for the purpose of decorating this website only. Now Muay Thai, as a website service provider, has no intention of commercial or intellectual property infringement.

1.3 Unless otherwise indicated in this website,

any Contents, files or documents provided on this website, you may only view, download, upload the Contents and print any document of the Contents for your own personal and non-commercial use. You may not copy, store or download either in hard copy, copy in electronics format or in any other forms for the purpose in transmit, transfer, perform, broadcast, publish, reproduce, create a derivative work from, display, distribute, sell, license, rent, lease or otherwise transfer any of Contents to any third person whether for direct commercial or any gain or otherwise without the prior written permission from Now Muay Thai.

2. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

2.1 This website and the Contents contained in this website

are created and provided for informative, advertised and commercial purposes only. Any information contained in this website (“Disseminated Information”) is considered as the general information made available to the public.

You should study information and details of the training class and trainer info, the gym that issued the classes and evaluate your acceptable risk.

2.2 The Contents contained in this website

are presented based on “as is” basis without direct or indirect guarantees or warranties by Now Muay Thai of any kind. Now Muay Thai does not make any representations regarding the completeness, accuracy, recency or reliability of the Contents and information or any guarantees of a result and appropriate use of the Contents contained herein and use of this website. In no event shall Now Muay Thai be responsible for any loss or damage from the use of this website and/or the use of Contents contained herein in any circumstance.

2.3 Now Muay Thai will conduct appropriate actions

to ensure that the access and use of this website shall be continued, uninterrupted and shall provide a security system to prevent any access from unauthorized persons. Nevertheless, Now Muay Thai does not warrant that the access to the website will be without delays and any errors and will be free of malicious programs, files or software which may cause damage to system or information in the your system, for instance, viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses, spyware or other harmful, invasive or corrupted files (collectively referred to as “Defects”) regardless of whether such Defects are caused by human or electronic error or other events beyond its control. In any event, you acknowledge and agree that Now Muay Thai shall not be responsible to any responsibility to any loss, damage, compensation, expense or any damages arising or resulting from the consequences of such Defects in any circumstance.

2.4 Now Muay Thai reserves its rights not

to grant you permission to use this website and may change or withdraw the website, in part or in whole, at any time without any prior notice or state of purposes in doing so.

2.5 Any and all Contents and Disseminated Information,

including but not limited to, articles, details and/or information include in or made available on or through this website belong to each writer or author. Now Muay Thai is permitted to broadcast such Contents so as to provide the interest to the public and the martial-art practitioners. . The Contents, hyperlinks, pictures, photos and other matters, comments or opinions located herein shall be deemed as opinions or points of view of each writer or author and shall not be related or deemed to be agreed, accepted or supported by Now Muay Thai. You should carefully study related information and use discretion before making any decision.

2.6 Now Muay Thai does not warrant that any advertisements

include in or made available on or through this website (if any) are accurate, complete and free from any errors provided that Now muay Thai is acting as a platform for distributing such advertisement information. Now Muay Thai is not an agent, partner or party involving in any transaction with the owner of the advertisements whatsoever. Also, Now Muay Thai is not capable of reviewing or knowing the sources and/or details of the advertisements contained herein. In no event shall Now Muay Thai be liable and binding legally for any loss or damage arising from displaying such advertisements.

2.7 Unless otherwise specified under the Terms and Conditions of Use,

Now Muay Thai, directors, managers, executives, officers, employees, agents, consultants, specialist of Now Muay Thai shall not be liable for any fault or error of this website or information or Contents contained in this website and shall assume no responsibility in any omissions relating to this website whether in contract, tort, negligence or other consequences which might happen even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

3. Hyperlinks

3.1 Hyperlinks to the third party’s website

The website contains links to third party sites (“Linked Sites”). Please note that hyperlinks from this website to Linked Sites are provided for your convenience only. These Linked Sites are not under the support or control or responsibility of Now Muay Thai. Now Muay Thai is not capable of approving for the correctness, reliability or security of the Linked Sites and shall not be liable for any of your loss or damage suffered from using or hyperlinking to such a website. Also, you should study terms and conditions of use of the Linked Sites.

3.2 Hyperlinks to Now Muay Thai’s website

Now Muay Thai welcomes the establishment of hyperlinks to its website if you wish to have it linked with Now Muay Thai’s website. The link, however, must be established under the following terms and conditions:

(1) The link must be a text-only link clearly marked “Now Muay Thai” or the company/gym/trainer in Now Muay Thai which you wish to link.

(2) The link must point to the URL https://www.nowmuaythai.com or the URL of the website of the service sites in Now mUay Thai which you wish to link.

(3) The appearance, position and other aspects of the link may not be such as to damage or dilute the goodwill associated with Now Muay Thai’s name and trademarks.

(4) The appearance, position and other aspects of the link may not create the false appearance that an entity is associated with or sponsored by or cooperated with Now Muay Thai.

(5) The link, when activated, must display Now Muay Thai’s website in full-screen and not within a “frame” on the Linked Sites.

(6) The link must not be considered as inappropriate, lead to damage, infringing, profane or any unlawful topics, materials or violation of any applicable intellectual property, proprietary, privacy or Now Muay Thai’s reputation.

(7) Now Muay Thai is not liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by you or any third party arising out of, in connection with or as a result of this linkage. Now Muay Thai reserves its rights to seek all remedies available at law for breaches of this Terms and Conditions of Use.

(8) Now Muay Thai reserves its rights, at any time, within its sole discretion to revoke its consent to any linking of any Contents or page of this website and reserves its rights to terminate any of the links.

4. Particular Terms and Conditions

4.1 Terms and Conditions Regarding Comments and reviews.

You understand and agree that Now Muay Thai, in its sole discretion, shall be entitled to delete threads or discussion topics, reviews or comments or suspend the usage of a forum (Comments) of you, in part or in whole without any notice or stating of reasons in doing so to you.

4.2 Now Muay Thai’s Review Policy

To build a platform of trust, we ask our community to help ensure that reviews on Now Muay Thai are useful, informative, and shouldn’t expose our community to harm. Therefore, Now Muay Thai expect that all reviews adhere to the following:

Reviews should be relevant

Keep your reviews relevant to your training class or experience. Other customers are reading your reviews to learn about that particular training class, gym and trainers which are listed. Reviews that are off-topic can be distracting and don’t help other customers make informed booking decisions. For this reason, reviews should focus on your interactions with other community members and your time during the training or experience.

To keep reviews relevant, we recommend avoiding the following:

Commentary about a person’s social, political, or religious views Profanity, name calling, and assumptions about a person’s character or personality Content that refers to circumstances entirely outside of another’s control Content about services not related to Now Muay Thai and training class, gyms or trainers (for example, an airline, roommate, rideshare, restaurant, etc.) Commentary about past Now Muay Thai training class reservations, gyms, or trainers, or about the products/services where it does not relate to the listing, trainers or customers you are rating

When we receive a report of a review that violates this policy, we may remove the review from our platform. Repeated violations may lead to suspension or permanent deactivation of the account(s) responsible for the reviews.

Reviews should be unbiased

Reviews are helpful when they provide unbiased and objective information. Therefore, we don't allow individuals or entities who own or are affiliated with a listing or experience to post reviews of their business.

We also don’t allow individuals who are confirmed to offer competing listings or experiences to post reviews of their direct competitors.

You’re not allowed to incentivize positive reviews, to use the threat of a negative review to manipulate a desired outcome, or to influence another’s review with the promise of compensation.

You’re also not allowed to accept fake reservations in exchange for a positive review, use a second account to leave yourself a review, or coordinate with business partners to get positive reviews.

Additionally, your reviews and account(s) may be removed from the platform, where a significant violation of the Now Muay Thai’s Review Policy has taken place.

Reporting a review that violates our policy

To report a review for violating Now Muay Thai’s review policy, contact us.

5. Personal Data

You acknowledge and agree that your Personal Data on this website, for instance, your registered information, your information of the usage of this website and/or other information of you, shall be Processed and protected in accordance with Now Muay Thai’s Privacy Notice which I have thoroughly read and acknowledge all details specified therein.

6. Website Security Policy

Now Muay Thai has adopted security standard technology for internet transaction to protect the website user’s information when sending and receiving information via communication network and to prevent data theft from any unauthorized person or network which access to Now muay Thai’s network, for instance, Firewall, Secured Socket Layer (SSL) code etc.

7. Violation of Terms and Conditions of Use

In the event that there is a violation of Terms and Conditions of Use, Now Muay Thai reserves its right to suspend any access to or terminate any services rendered on this website to you without prejudice to Now Muay Thai’s rights to be indemnified under the Terms and Conditions of Use or any other rights under the relevant laws.

8. Governing Laws

The Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws of Thailand.